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Project Resistance Shows Off Gameplay, Gets Details on How it Works

Published: September 11, 2019 10:43 PM



Have you played the recent Resident Evil 2 remake and wished that you could team up with a friend? Or play as Mr. X and punch a friend in the face? Well then, it seems like Project Resistance is for you, as Capcom gives some details about the recently announced 4v1 multiplayer game.

The basic idea is that four players will play the game much like Resident Evil 2. They'll be in third person and mostly rely on items they find in the environment. Each of the four characters have special abilities as well. January can hack cameras, Samuel has strong punches, Valerie can heal, and Tyrone is a tank and can knock enemies down. However, the four are up against one very deadly opponent: the Mastermind. Playing the game more like an RTS, this player will place zombies, traps, and turrets. They can also watch the map through cameras, close and lock doors, and even take control of the zombies they spawn. Eventually they can even spawn and play as Mr. X himself.


Capcom isn't shy that this whole thing is one big experiment, thus why it's still named "project". In fact, they even told Eurogamer that, should the closed beta get poor reception, they're just going to cancel the game. However, they're also seeing it as an interesting way to spin Resident Evil, and keep the franchise from getting too stale. If the project will actually work or not is up in the air, and hopefully it won't get the same fate that the very similar Fable Legends did.


Project Resistance is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It does not have a release date, but a closed beta will run from October 4th to 7th, and you can sign up for it here through September 18th.

Are you excited for Project Resistance? Think its an interesting spin on the Resident Evil formula? Hopeful for the full release? Let us know in the comments below!

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