Sony Officially Reveals PlayStation Access Controller, Formerly Project Leonardo

Remember Project Leonardo, Sony's accessibility controller initiative? It's got a new name and we've got some more info.

Published: May 18, 2023 8:45 AM /


The PlayStation Access controller, which was formerly known as Project Leonardo

Sony has unveiled the official name for the Project Leonardo accessibility controller. It's now called the Access, and as well as the name, Sony has also revealed new details about the controller, including a first look at the UI you'll see if you hook it up to the PS5.

Project Leonardo was originally revealed all the way back in January, and now, a new PlayStation Blog post has officially introduced it to the world as Access. The watchword for Access appears to be "modularity"; you can customize the controller by swapping its button and stick caps and creating a configuration that works for you and your specific setup.

Each Access will come with a range of stick caps and button caps in different shapes and sizes, as well as swappable icons so you know which inputs you've got mapped to which buttons. You can also use the Access while it's flat, mount it to a tripod or AMPS mount, or orient it 360 degrees.

A shot of the PS5 UI that lets you reassign button layouts for the new PlayStation Access controller
The UI for Access will be pretty in-depth, as you'd imagine.

As well as hardware customization, Sony will also support an extensive range of software tweaks for Access thanks to the PS5 UI for the controller. Within the system menu, you can map controls, toggle buttons, and create profiles, as well as teaming up two Access controllers to work as a single peripheral (or even using them in addition to a DualSense, if you like).

Access is part of a wider PlayStation initiative to focus on accessibility and inclusion, according to the company. To reinforce that initiative, a new video titled PlayStation Accessibility has also been released, showcasing some of the PlayStation team's efforts to boost accessibility on PS5. You can check that video out here.

We don't know when PlayStation Access will be releasing just yet, nor do we know how much it's going to cost. Sony says it'll release those details "in the months ahead". A PlayStation Showcase is set to air next week, and there's a chance we'll hear more about Access there, although the showcase is likely to revolve more around games. Stay tuned for more info.

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