Mech Space Shooter Project AETHER Takes off to Steam Today

Published: February 24, 2020 11:30 AM /


An image showing gameplay from Project AETHER

Today, developer Sleepy Spider Studio has launched their second title on Steam, a twin-stick shooter "giant mech" title called Project AETHER. 

The title is a described as a "high-octane love letter" to shoot-em-up titles of the yesteryear, especially from developers such as M2 and Treasure, as well as the entire genre of giant-mech anime.

The story starts when a alien force of mysterious origins from beyond the stars invades, and the player must use a prototype AETHER mech unit in order to stave off the new threat. Project AETHER features a customisable loadout that will allow players to choose from a variety of weapons to ultimately have two ranged swapped weapons and a melee sabre. Included guns in the game include an assault rifle, a railgun, a particle beam, and more.

The game will stretch across 9 levels, with players battling fleets of enemies and giant boss ships that come with their own unique threats. Players will also be able to complete modes such as boss rush and survival, allowing them to climb the leaderboard and see how they stack up with the rest of the world. For those who aren't set on climbing the leaderboards, there will also be a lowered difficulty mode for players who just want to experience Project AETHER and what it has to offer.

"We're very proud of our work on Project AETHER. Our goal was to provide a fast-paced and fluid game experience, and we feel we've delivered on that in a way that players will find very satisfying." said Sleepy Spider Studios' Ryan Shim. "We want to reward constant mobility and quick reflexes to keep up the game's momentum."

Project AETHER will be available on Steam later today for $12.99 or your regional equivalent. 

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