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Published: September 25, 2015 5:40 PM /


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Betas have been the new trend when it comes to pre-order culture, as popular games like Street Fighter V and Anno 2205 offered a sneak peek for fans to take a look at the game in question before the rest of the public gets a chance. And with the upcoming release of Rainbow Six Siege, those who pre-ordered the game also got a guaranteed chance to take a look at the game, despite others being able to take a look through other means. However, it meant that the access to the beta was a sure's just a matter of when they will get a chance to play it. Because unfortunately, it looks like not only has problems plagued the beta in terms of connectivity, but the originally promised beta period has been reduced.

The Beta has been assaulted with a tactical breach of its length.
The Beta has been assaulted with a tactical breach of its length.

First highlighted by some threads over at the Rainbow6 forums, some interesting elements came into play regarding the Beta in question. The original time frame for the beta as originally indicated in this blog post was to end on September 28th, which was only 5 days of beta access, depending on when you got the email in question and your beta key in question. This seems to be a significant cut down of the 12 days as first seemingly promised by Ubisoft. Ubisoft within the post does recognize the short time frame of the beta, but cites making the deadline on December 1st as a primary factor regarding the shortened beta:

We know this is a relatively short testing period, but we decided that this would be enough time to identify the issues we need to address without tying up our development team for too long as they work to ship the game for a December 1st launch.
But there's still a bit of problems beyond that. People have been reporting not getting their keys in a timely fashion, and part of that had to do with the wave system that Ubisoft was using regarding the keys. It has been indicated that everyone who pre-ordered should have access to their keys, but others are reporting otherwise. And connectivity problems have plagued the beta, as players have reported that they've not been able to finish a match, or even find them at times. Those who are experiencing problems are asked to take a look at this thread here for information on what to do. While it is understandable that the game is in a beta state, the fact of the matter is that it is a product deliverable with the pre-order element added on to it.

I reached out to Ubisoft PR representatives and asked them three questions regarding the situation:

1.      There are still players that have not gotten their beta keys despite the fact the short beta has started, with it being over 25% done. Will the beta be extended at all due to the speed in which beta keys were handed out?

2.      Why was the game's original 12 day beta period reduced to 5? Considering that those who ordered may be part of a working industry, that puts heavy strain on some who may be working those days and can't get the full experience out of a pre-order bonus.

For the first two questions, the representative pointed me at two blog posts made by the company. They did not really answer either question rather well (even not referring to the extension of the beta), but given the information, I believe the release date was cited for the answer to the second question. But you're probably wondering about the third question that was asked:
3. Does Ubisoft have an official comment regarding the behavior being similar to the beta access that was cancelled regarding Anno 2205, and the similar problems here?
Ubisoft responded with "no comment." As reported by TechRaptor earlier in the year, Anno 2205's preorder beta was cancelled with no reason being cited by Ubisoft as to why the change was made, and that's remained the situation to this day. Needless to say, betas have been giving Ubisoft a bunch of problems in terms of the PR element of their company.

Are you still waiting on your Rainbow Six Siege beta key having pre-ordered? Have you been able to play? Do you think that this will affect any future ideas of bundling betas with pre-orders?

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