Prime & Load, a Revolutionary War Shooter with 200+ Line Battles, is Coming April 25

Published: April 20, 2020 4:15 PM /


A screenshot of Prime & Load.

Prime & Load is one of those games that must seem so weird to the average dude. "So... you want to play a video game set 300 years ago where you shoot guns that reload once every ten seconds? Why?"

Well, Prime & Load is an FPS/TPS hybrid that will feature up to 200+ line battles set in the Revolutionary War, with sides such as England, America, France, and Germany included at launch. The game will also feature modes such as Team Deathmatch, Battle, Siege, and Duel. Basically, Team Deathmatch is the same old same old, with two teams trying to get to a certain number of kills before the other team. Battle has both teams fight, but with only one life per player. Siege usually has a defending team hold a fort or something similar for a specified amount of time, and Duel is a server where players are placed within an area where they can practice their melee skills. It's a pretty fun time, actually. Especially when the server you're on is rocking with over 200 people, with 100 people are cheering you on as you fight three other guys in melee to try and win the round.

"Melee?" you might ask, and yes, combat in the Revolutionary Era (even nowadays) has guns with bayonets--really sharp knives--attached to them, where they can gut or otherwise incapacitate the enemy if they come too close. There is an entire community that is focused exclusively around the melee portion of games such as Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars (NW) and Holdfast, and they've been looking for a new game for a long time because NW is really old and pretty much figured out, and we don't talk about Holdfast because its melee sucked.

If you're interested in checking out Prime & Load, be sure to go here.

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