Prey VR Listed For PlayStation 4 By Retailer

Published: June 1, 2020 9:14 AM /


A dizzying Prey scene which could possibly be included in Prey VR

British retailer has created a listing for a game called Prey VR. It seems to be for PlayStation 4 and requires a PlayStation VR headset to play. The listing has since disappeared from the retailer's website.

Prominent Twitter gaming personality Nibel (tweeting as @Nibellion) discovered the listing earlier today. At the time of Nibel's discovery, the listing consisted only of a basic generic pack shot with the words "Prey VR" emblazoned across a black background. The case shot indicates that the game is a VR exclusive. There wasn't much more to the listing; it was likely a placeholder until ShopTo obtained more concrete information and wasn't meant to go live.

The ShopTo listing for Prey VR, which has since been deleted
The ShopTo listing for Prey VR. It's since been deleted from the site.

What exactly is Prey VR?

There are a couple of possibilities here. This could, of course, be a full conversion of the 2017 immersive sim shooter Prey into VR. The basic titling suggests that could be the case. Alternately, this could be a standalone release of the TranStar VR campaign which shipped with the Typhon Hunter update to Prey's Mooncrash DLC. In TranStar VR, you played as several different TranStar employees completing tasks and solving puzzles prior to the main events of Prey. Given the simple title of the listing, we're hoping it's a full Prey VR conversion. Either way, it's almost certainly absolutely nothing to do with the original 2006 FPS Prey.

2017's Prey is an immersive shooter created by Dishonored developer Arkane Studios. You play as Morgan Yu, an experimental subject who must navigate the space station Talos I in order to discover the fate of its crew and contend with the hostile Typhon alien race. Since it's an immersive sim, you can choose your play style; combat-heavy characters can meet situations with force but can't sneak, while engineers can interact with their environment but won't have the chops to face enemies in direct combat. We're not sure yet whether this listing means you can play the entire game in VR. We'll bring you more on this as we get it.

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