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Prepare for Titanfall in your house: K'Nex sets to hit this Fall

March 14, 2014

By: JR Moore


Start clearing room in the Nerd Dungeon...

With the launch of the one of the most anticipated next-gen games for the Xbox One, K'Nex announced this week that they are preparing for Titanfall as well. The K'Nex Titalfall playsets will be releaseing in Fall of 2014, ranging from the 80 piece MILITIA (and IMC) Pilot Attack Building Set for $12.99 to the 1,200 piece Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building Set which will build 2 Titans (and with some creative juices, one MegaTitan) that will stand 12 inches tall all for $99.99


It's been years since I have picked up building blocks to build and not just to avoid stepping on them but these sets look pretty cool. I may have to clear off the old modeling desk and snap a few together.


Get your toes ready to step on little Titan pieces in the Fall of 2014.


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