Pre-E3 2016 roundup 6/12 - Last minute leakes

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E3 2016 General Preview Image

We're moments away from the start of the first conference for E3 2016 and we're still enduring many leaks. Coming from a variety of sources including twitter, and NeoGAF these leaks include promotional images, in game images and gifs, and even unannounced sequels.

A promotional image for Zelda Wii U was leaked via twitter user @CartridgeGames. There isn't too much to this image but we get to see Link climbing a large mountain. This image was found via the Amazon page for Zelda Wii U.

Dead Rising 4 Welcome To

Even more images and even game play GIFS from Dead Rising 4 have been shared via NeoGaf. Some of the things that we see in these images is confirmation that the game will be set in Willamette, the setting of the first Dead Rising, and that we'll get to experience some large weapons like chainsaws and concrete on pylons. One of the gifs even shows you tearing a zombie in half fatality style.

NerdLeaks on twitter was able to find out that the next Ori game will be called Ori and the Will of the Wisps. No further source has been able to back up this title at the moment and no other information about the game has been announced.

There was a story mode trailer for FIFA 17 called The Journey.

Reddit user Kancer420 had a notification appear on his Xbox One with a potential Fallout 4 dlc. The user then recorded some footage of what seems to be Far Harbor workshop items but shortly after playing the user had their Xbox Live account and console banned for playing a pre-release title.

After an earlier quote from Phil Spencer saying "Monday will be one of the most special events in Xbox history, comparable to Zero Hour 360 launch in terms of importance" the Xbox One S promotional material was leaked talking about some of the features. Though the Xbox One S is an improved version of the Xbox One it is still not thought to be the rumored Xbox Scorpio.

What do you think of the final set of leaks before E3 kicks off? Were any of these the one you're waiting for?

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