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Another day and another chance for every game development company, publisher, and industry source to let slip a bit more of a hint as to what we will see coming from E3 2016 next week. The number of rumors is beginning to give way to the number of announcements recently, though, whether too much has been leaked or if companies are trying to get ahead of the faulty plumbing has yet to be seen.

Plenty of trailers were shown off today giving many gamers the first word of games that we haven't heard from in a while including The Technomancer, an action RPG coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One where you play as a rookie technomancer who is on the run from Mars' secret police. We also got a new teaser trailer for Ubisoft's new first-person action game For Honor

Some more substantial trailers that were shown off today too, though. Gran Turismo Sport's Gameplay Trailer #2 got to show off a few racetracks from around the world ranging from deserts to cities. Features such as global community, race car customization, championship series, and photo mode where you can pose cars in positions around the world and change filters for your perfect snapshot.

Skylar and Plux: Adventure on Clover Island got a new gameplay trailer showing off the Oasis level. In this retro inspired 3D action platformer a new feature, called the time orb, was shown off. The time orb allows Skylar to slow down time around her, and when placed on pedestals the Time Orb allows you to experience the past. This ability makes it useful for continued exploration of the world. This title will be coming to Steam, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One in January of 2017.

Call of Cthulhu was another game that got a new trailer. This horror title is an adaptation of the original pen and paper RPG. This game will have you investigating the strange Darkwater Island, home to the Hawkins family. You play as a PI who has arrived to investigate the mysterious death of Sarah Hawkins and as you explore insanity will begin to engulf you. Call of Cthulhu will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.

Set in London the game Vampyr also recieved a new trailer that was posted onto dailymotion. In this game you play as a doctor who has been cursed as a vampire. Gameplay shows you being hunted down because of this curse and a variety of supernatural powers that you can command to take out those who attempt to hunt you down. Vampyr will be releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The last trailer that we were given today was for Yesterday Origins an upcoming game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac that is currently scheduled for a September 2016 release. You follow the lives of John Yesterday and Pauline Petit, two immortals, as you flash between the present time and several sequences of the past learning about the origins of John's powers.

On top of all these trailers, we were also given a variety of teases such as Twisted Pixel, developer of Splosion Man and The Maw, getting ready to announce their latest game, as well as a Crackdown 3 teaser website that seems to be posting missions for people to complete. There is also a reference to a beta within the website leading some to believe that this will be how you register for beta access to Crackdown 3.

From his twitter account, Geoff Keighley announced that The Game Awards, the yearly video game award show that has since been the source of many announcements will be returning once again this year. The Game Awards 2016 will be happening on the first of December.

Adding further legitimacy to the claim that Crash Bandicoot will be joining the Skylanders roster it seems that all of the international Skylander website pages for the Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack have been updated with a "Crash" tab that at this point in time is un-clickable.

Koei Tecmo revealed that more information about their upcoming fantasy action RPG Nioh would be coming to E3. This news will most likely come from the Sony keynote, or as an independent announcement.

We Happy Few's Steam page has received an update informing fans that the development team are preparing to fly to LA to attend E3. In this update, the idea behind an incomplete Early Access ending is expanded upon explaining that the team doesn't want to give away the narrative of the game for when it has been fully released but wants to give people a taste of what to expect. Brand new images from the design and art team are also shown off to give players something to look forward to. 

Today TechRaptor also announced our predictions for what we're expecting to see at the PC Gaming Show, Ubisoft, and Sony conferences. The following stories were also announced:

If you think that you've missed any of the E3 news from any other day then be sure to check back to our TechRaptor Coverage Hub to see all of the E3 news up till this point.

What do you think of all these trailers? Are there any games you've been wanting to hear more about? Or even games that you're hearing about for the first time?

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