Praise Glorious Arstotzka By Watching Papers, Please - The Short Film

Published: February 24, 2018 5:40 PM /


papers, please - the short film

All citizens of the glorious nation of Arstotzka are to be notified that Papers, Please - The Short Film is now available to watch for free.

Papers, Please is the tale of an honorable and fastidious border agent who protects the powerful and strong nation of Arstotzka from the evils that seek to harm our great nation. Players can enjoy a simulation of the vibrant, engaging work that our heroic defenders of the border undertake on a daily basis. It perfectly highlights the efficiency and efficacy of the government of Arstotzka which has absolutely no shortcomings whatsoever and provides well for all of its citizens. The challenges of this labor include border entry requirements which change on a daily basis in order to combat a ceaseless threat from the many other terroristic and despotic nations that wish to do harm to our people.


The Arstotzka Ministry of Visual Entertainment has released a motion picture that is mandatory for all citizens to watch. The Ministry saw fit to designate Kinodom Productions with the task of accurately depicting the work of an honorable government official in the great nation of Arstotzka. In an act of supreme generosity, you have the choice of watching Papers, Please - The Short Film at multiple locations including YouTube.

If you have not been granted Permit 7247B ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT LICENSE, you may be unable to view this artistic masterpiece in your own dwelling. It is strongly suggested that you view this film at a friend's home or the nearest public cinema with all due haste. You can also elect to view it on Steam for free, where you can also pick up the game this film is based on. The Ministry would like to remind you that it is mandatory to watch and enjoy this film. Any outward displays of boredom or melancholy will be met with placement in a lower-class Dwelling and a re-education session. Glory to Arstotzka.

What do you love most about this motion picture masterpiece funded by the generous government of Arstotzka? Do you have any fellow citizens to report for not yet having seen the film? Please file your report in the comment section below.



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