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Published: February 22, 2017 8:00 AM /


Overwatch Orisa

Today, Blizzard put up an in-universe blog post on their Overwatch website in the form of an interview with a young genius inventor from Numbani named Efi Oladele. The post from "Atlas News" is a segment called "Spotlight On Numbani" interviewing Oladele on her receiving the Adawe Foundation's "Genius Grant." Oladele is just 11 years old and has already racked up quite the list of achievements in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Numbani is a located on the western coast of Africa and is known as a city of peace between humans and Omnics within the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch Efi Oladele

The interview does a good job of showing us a bit of her personality (very much a kid) and a little of her back story about how she first got interested in robotics and would build them to help her with her chores. She also mentions wanting to build a robot like the "OR15" as something that can "keep us safe." What an "OR15" is has yet to be revealed beyond the context provided in the interview, which suggests it may be a robot of some kind developed for peacekeeping. You can also find an extended photo of her that shows her holding a battery or power cell of some kind here.

There is a lot of speculation running about whether she is indeed the upcoming hero or simply related in some way to whoever the new hero is. The most talked about theory is that she will be the creator and operator of a robot that will be the actual new hero, but she will not be in battle in-person. Another theory going around is that she will create a robot body for the Overwatch AI Athena, and since she has a background working on robotics and AI, this theory has some legs. The reason for the theories that she won't actually fight in person come from the fact that she is 11 years old and Blizzard probably wouldn't have an 11 year old in firefights.



Quick Take

If Efi Oladele does end up being the new hero, it will be interesting to see how Blizzard will incorporate her into battles; which theory will end up being the correct one? If she does end up using a robot to fight for her, I'm guessing it will go in the Tank category, since they haven't gotten a new hero yet and have the fewest number of heroes (tied with support). Although I'm disappointed that a Terry Crews Doomfist isn't the next hero to be added, Efi has me interested so far. 

What do you think of Efi Oladele being the potential next hero to come to Overwatch? Which theory do you think will be the correct one? Let us know in the comments!

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