'Postal: Brain Damaged' Spinoff and Documentary Revealed

Published: September 5, 2020 3:16 PM /


Postal: Brain Damaged Realms Deep cover

Postal: Brain Damaged has been revealed as an apparent spinoff of the long-running Postal franchise of first-person shooters, and that's not all — a Postal documentary is in the works.

Postal protagonist "The Dude" has taken one too many hits to the head and passes out in his trailer in an alcohol-fueled stupor. Brain Damaged gives us insight into the heavily-damaged, broken mind of a man who can't even buy his groceries without a gunfight breaking out.

Have a gander at the Postal: Brain Damaged Announcement Trailer to see what this new Postal spinoff is all about:

We got a look at Postal: Brain Damaged during the course of the Realms Deep 2020 show. While Postal certainly has its fair share of gunplay, Brain Damaged appears to switch things up a bit; this spinoff looks like it's going to be a little closer to classic, high-speed FPS games like the original Doom and Quake.

Described as a "boomer shooter," Postal: Brain Damaged will preserve the massive amounts of violence and depravity from the core gameplay while introducing new elements for players to enjoy.

"They just don’t make badass shooters like they used to," Running With Scissors Founder Vince Desi said in a press release. "Brain Damaged takes the torch from all the pretenders while excreting everything fans want to see from the series that once birthed 'The Worst Game EverTM'. The Dude is back and dirtier than ever!"

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Postal Documentary Coming in 2021

A new Postal spinoff isn't the only thing coming in 2021 — a Postal documentary is also in the works. Going Postal: The Legacy Foretold will give us a behind-the-scenes look at Running With Scissors, the company behind these controversial shooters that nonetheless have a cult fanbase.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much more in the way of information on Postal: Brain Damaged during Realms Deep. For now, you can take a quick peek at what's going on in the Going Postal: The Legacy Foretold documentary at goingpostaldoc.com and you can add Postal: Brain Damaged to your wishlist on Steam.

What do you think of this new Postal spinoff? Are you interested in checking out the Postal documentary when it arrives? Let us know in the comments below!

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