PolyAmorous Talks About Alternate Reality Game Paradise Lost

Published: June 13, 2020 6:30 PM /


Paradise Lost

Game Director of upcoming title Paradise Lost took some time to talk about the game. This will be a story and adventure-driven alternate history game where World War II didn't end when it did for us. 

In 1960 the Nazi regime was on their last legs but instead, they unleashed a nuke to their own detriment. Deep underground though there was a new plan in motion. There are hidden and self-sustainable tunnel systems underground that allows them to continue living on. While the majority of them have remained unknown and hidden away there was an explosion at one that revealed it.


In Paradise Lost, you play as a 12-year-old polish boy seeking to find one of these Nazi bunkers. While it wasn't specified why this boy is hunting for Nazi secrets it was hinted that he's driven by his own personal tragedy. Once he arrives there it seems deserted, but it isn't long until he begins to uncover the truth. The game will be set in 1980, twenty years after it was believed the Nazi regime fell.

Paradise Lost will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X. There is already a Steam page up for Paradise Lost that you can follow to get continual developer updates. At this time there is no release date for Paradise Lost but it will be releasing in 2020.

What do you think of this alternate reality title? Are you impressed or bewildered that a boy this young is going to explore a secret Nazi facility all on his own? What do you think will greet him when he's down there?



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