Lucario and Machamp in Pokkén Tournament

Pokken Tournament officially announced

Published: August 26, 2014 11:41 AM



After all of the leaked screenshots it seems Pokken Tournament the collaboration between Pokemon and Tekken is for real. After a hint about the two player arcade fighting game finally a trailer has been released announcing the game, the only sad part about it is that as of now that's exactly what it is... an arcade game.

Announced to be in Japanese Arcades in 2015 Pokken Tournament will be a 2D fighting game, much like the Tekken series, and will include what seems to be only including the fighting type pokemon. From what we saw of the teaser screenshots as well as this announcement trailer the game will include Machamp, Lucario and Blaziken.


In the trailer we get to see Machamp and Lucario fighting in a village town, it may be a town that has been introduced in the franchise before or a new setting for this fight. At the end of the trailer we also see Lucario power up to Mega-Lucario which seems to be some kind of super move.

What do you think of Pokken Tournament? What fighting Pokemon would you want to see?


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