Pokemon Virtual Console Games Won't Have Quick Saves

Published: January 19, 2016 1:30 PM /


Pokemon VC Preview

In anticipation of the release of the classic Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow on the 3DS virtual console it seems some more information has been released about the games. After getting to see what the new Pokemon 3DS consoles look like the manual for the re-release has now gone live online revealing it won't have certain Virtual Console features.

In any of the releases on the Virtual Console there is an option for a restore point. This means that you can quick save and quick load a spot if you don't want to save regularly in the game or if you need to leave the game quickly. Pokemon will not have that feature, the reason for this most people are assuming is due to not wanting people to be able to clone Pokemon.

A great feature that has been added into the Virtual Console release of these Gen 1 Pokemon games is that you will be able to trade to other Gen 1 Virtual Console Pokemon games. If the game gave you the ability to quick save and load then that could mean you could trade your Pokemon and then quick restore to a point before the save to have two copies of the Pokemon.

Pokemon VC Transfer Menu
The menu that will appear when you enter the Cable Corner (Image courtesy of Serebii.net)

This wireless feature will work by having a new menu appear when you enter the Cable Club. The first option on the menu will be to send a trade signal, the second option is to receive a signal for a trade partner and the third option is to leave the Cable Club. 

Pokemon Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue will be releasing on the Nintendo 3DS virtual shop on the 27th of February. These games originally released for the original GameBoy way back in 1996 on the 27th of February having this mark their 20th anniversary to the day.

Do you think this option is sensible? Is it worth it to lose quick saves for the ability to trade Pokemon? Which version do you want to get, if any?


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