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Pokemon Unite Next Pokemon Release Revealed As Blissey

August 16, 2021

By: Joseph Allen


After a datamine last week, we've finally had Pokemon Unite's next Pokemon release confirmed. Brand new Supporter Pokemon Blissey is on its way to the Pokemon MOBA in just a couple of days, bringing healing and buffs with it.

What do we know about Blissey in Pokemon Unite?

Per the official Pokemon Unite Twitter page, Blissey is a Supporter Pokemon capable of healing or buffing its allies. You'll also be able to protect your teammates from harm, but as Blissey is a Supporter-type, you probably won't have access to too much damage. Blissey's Unite Move will be called Bliss Assistance, and it'll enable Blissey to dash to a teammate and protect them from incoming damage.


Blissey, the next Pokemon Unite Pokemon reveal
Blissey is a Supporter Pokemon capable of helping its allies in Pokemon Unite.

If the Pokemon Unite datamine that revealed Blissey is to be believed, it's the first in a line of upcoming 'mon including Blastoise, Sylveon, and adorable squirrel Greedent, among others. As always, you should take datamined information with a pinch of salt, although this info comes from noted Pokemon dataminer Eclipse, so there's some weight behind it. There's a Pokemon Nintendo Direct presentation taking place on the same day Blissey launches, so we could get some more info about the character then, although the presentation will be focused on Pokemon Brilliant DiamondShining Pearl, and Legends: Arceus.

When is the Pokemon Unite Blissey release date?

You'll be able to play as Blissey in Pokemon Unite in just a couple of days. The character will be added to the game on August 18th, so mark your calendar. Blissey marks the second new addition to Pokemon Unite after Ranged Attacker Gardevoir was added at the end of July. Before Blissey, there were just three Supporter-type Pokemon in Pokemon Unite: Mr. Mime, Eldegoss, and Wigglytuff. Blissey's addition will no doubt come as a relief to Supporter mains who want to extend their pool.


Are you excited to check out Blissey in Pokemon Unite? Let us know in the comments below!

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