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Today in the Nintendo Direct, four features from the upcoming Sword and Shield: Customization, Pokemon Camp, cooking some Curry, and two pokemon: Poltaegeist and Cramorant.

Sword and Shield Customization

Customizing your character isn't knew to Pokemon, but in Sword and Shield it has been updated quite a bit. You can do a lot more than just a top and a bottom. Now there is all kinds of outerwear, including things like gloves.

Beyond clothing, you'll also be able to customize your hairstyle and even do makeup

Pokemon Camp

Pokemon Camp looks like a new way to have a Player's House in Pokemon, something that was only in Gen 3. Now, you can make a camp and hang out with your Pokemon. Interacting with them will give them benefits and improve them in battle the better your relationship is with them.

You'll be able to visit other players' camps as well and interact with their Pokemon. You and up to three others can all hang out together and interact with one another's Pokemon, as you can bring some of your own with you on the viist.

Pokemon Curry

Breath of the Wild is having an impact on Sword and Shield it seems, as a form of cooking has made it to the game. You'll be able to cook over 100 recipes of different curries for your Pokemon, which will all have a lot of different effects. Collecting items and berries from around the world will be a big part of the game now and hanging out in Camp and making some curry seems to be something you'll be doing regularly.

New Pokemon - Poltaegeist and Cramorant

sword and shield polteageist

Polteageist is a new Ghost-type that lives in kitchenware, in this case a teapot. It has a special ability: Weak Armor.

sword and shield cramorant

Cramorant is a Flying/Water type that has a unique ability, Gulp Missile. When using Surf or Dive during battle, it will rise from the water with a fish in its mouth. If attacked while the fish is in Cramorant's mouth, it will attack its enemy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases for the Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

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