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Big news for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon fans this morning, as the new Pokémon games have been fully data mined ten days before their official release.

The first sources came from a full copy of Pokémon Moon, which was played through quickly by a user from a 4chan forum nicknamed Lurantis. Lurantis was able to show off new Pokémon types, stats, storyline elements, and more, before archiving his thread earlier this morning. You can check out the 4chan thread for story spoilers, if you care to be spoiled by the game's plot.

Lurantis, however, was not the only player to get a copy of the game. Several of the previous Dataminers, who mined the in-game demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon, have since begun dumping all the info about the game onto the Internet. Several news websites, such as Kotaku, have also began showing off aspects of the game in full, including the final statistics for the starter Pokémon stats and heavy game spoilers.

Please note, from here on out, this article will go into heavy spoiler territory regarding the information found. This will include information that has not been fully revealed yet, including names, types, stats, and even move sets in the game—only story elements have been purposefully left out. You have been warned.

Starter Evolution Stats

The first big bit of news is the three starters full move-set, egg moves, in-game stats, and hidden abilities have been revealed. The three starters all have a base stat total of 530, but all three are relatively balanced.


Decidueye, the Grass/Ghost-type, has mixed attacker stats, with base 107 and 100 in attack and special attack, respectively. It's defenses are also relatively even at base 78/70/100, and it is rounded out with a base 70 speed, the fastest of the three starters in that department. Finally, Decidueye's hidden ability is a new ability called Long Reach, which makes physical attacks hit without "touching" the opponent's Pokémon in battle, opening up Decidueye to being immune to residual damage abilities, items, or status effects such as Cursed Body, Mummy, Iron Barbs, and the Rocky Helmet.


Incineroar, the Fire/Dark-type, is more of a physical tank, with a high base 115 attack and 95/90/90 on all of its defenses. Its special attack is also quite high at 80, while its speed is at base 60. This is quite interesting, because Torracat, the previous evolution of Incineroar, has a base speed of 90, the highest speed stat found on all three starter lines. A few notes regarding Incineroar include it's hidden ability being Intimidate and access to Throat Chop, one of the previously released new moves. Throat Chop is a Dark-type move with base 80 power and will stop sound-based moves for two turns in battle.


Finally, we have Primarina, the Water/Fairy-type, who acts as the special attacker of the three. Primarina's stats contain a large base 126 special attack and base 116 special defense, along with a base 80 hp. The rest of its stats are rounded out at base 70 for attack and defense, and another base 60 for speed. Primarina also gets a new ability in Liquid Voice, which turns all sound-based moves into water-type moves. Some of the sound-based moves Primarina learns include the powerful attack Hyper Voice, Disarming Voice, and Sing.

The full videos, all created and compiled by the youtuber Kahoptics, can be seen below for all the Pokémon in the game, including types, names, abilities, stats, and full move sets. This also includes videos for the Ultra Beasts, all the Legendaries. Curiously, the Alolan Forms do not really get major stat changes, outside of their types changing a few new moves to correspond with their new typing. There is no video to showcase the Alolan Form Pokémon at this time.

Once again, Spoiler Alert at this point.







Z-Moves Update

In addition to the Pokémon statistics presented above, the data-mining has also uncovered the full list of Z-moves. For starters, almost every attack in the game is attached to a Z-move (in a list compiled here), with the power of the Z-move depending on the attack used by the Pokémon. All three starters are given a unique Z-move at 180 based power: Decidueye has a move titled Sinister Arrow Raid, which is a physical based 180 power Ghost attack; Incineroar gets the Dark-type move Malicious Moonsault; while Primarina get's the Water special attack Oceanic Operetta. Another unique Z-move is for Mew, titled Genesis Supernova, which looks to be an ultra-powerful Psychic attack at 185 base power.

The full list of z-moves, both type moves and unique moves, is as follows:

  • Breakneck Blitz
  • All-Out Pummeling
  • Supersonic Skystrike
  • Acid Downpour
  • Tectonic Rage
  • Continental Crush
  • Savage Spin-Out
  • Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Corkscrew Crash
  • Inferno Overdrive
  • Hydro Vortex
  • Bloom Doom
  • Gigavolt Havoc
  • Shattered Psyche
  • Subzero Slammer
  • Devastating Drake
  • Black Hole Eclipse
  • Twinkle Tackle
  • Catastropika
  • Sinister Arrow Raid
  • Malicious Moonsault
  • Oceanic Operetta
  • Guardian of Alola
  • Soul-Stealing 7-Star Stike
  • Stoked Sparksurfer
  • Extreme Evoboost
  • Genesis Supernova
Status moves, such as Will-o-Wisp, do not seem to have any Z-move attached to them, and it should be noted that Z-moves do bypass prevention moves such as Protect (with Pokémon behind moves like Protect taking only 25% of the total damage) according to in-game text files.

Overall, there is a lot more to go through with the leaks at this. We will bring more updates as we go.

What do you think about these leaks? Still excited for Pokémon Sun and Moon? Leave your comments below. 

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