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Published: September 1, 2015 7:30 PM /


pokemon shuffle mobile

Nintendo's free-to-play match three game Pokemon Shuffle has come to the App Store and Google Play. Now even those without a 3Ds can enjoy the Pokemon themed puzzle game. Today The Pokemon Company International announced that the game is now available for download on mobile devices for free.  

In Pokemon Shuffle Mobile players battle their roster of Pokemon against wild Pokemon by making matches of three or more on a traditional grid. Clear stages to attempt to catch wild Pokemon and add them to your roster. Leveling up your Pokemon and using Mega-Evolution's will  help players beat difficult levels.

There's an added level of strategy to Pokemon Shuffle Mobile by matching your Pokemon types against the wild Pokemon you're trying to catch. There's 150 Pokemon currently included in the game and more may be added later on. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile brings all the fun of Pokemon into a match three puzzle game on mobile.

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Social media is integrated into the game via Facebook and allows players to check on their friends progress and send them helpful mini hearts. Hearts are part of the in-game currency included in the game. Similar to energy or lives in many mobile games hearts are used to enter a stage of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile and when you run out of hearts you have to wait to be able to play again. With 5 mini hearts making up a whole heart it's nice to have a lot friends in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile features deep strategy-driven gameplay, intuitive controls, and dazzling visuals. Pokemon fans now have a whole new way to enjoy their favorite franchise. Players can enjoy solving match three puzzles while collecting some of their favorite Pokemon all on their mobile devices.

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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is now available free-to-play for iOS and Android with in-app purchases.

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