Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Update Coming Next Month Promising Bug Fixes

Published: January 12, 2023 3:33 PM /


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The Pokemon Company has announced that an update will be headed to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in February, and promising bug fixes are on the agenda.

On top of the fixes, we also hear that the patch will "add functionality" and that it will be released in late February. 

It isn't a secret that Scarlet and Violet need a bit of work, due to the seemingly endless list of bugs fans have encountered since release. From players getting yeeted off a cliffside to being forced underneath the map with no escape in sight, there have been plenty of glitches that cause distress. Of course, some of the known bugs weren't all bad per se, as is the case with one that let players duplicate their Legendary Pokemon infinitely with the use of the Storage Container. Even so, fans have been begging the developers for fixes since they were found. 

Scarlet And Violet image, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Update

With all of the known bugs and issues players have faced with the game, it seems that people still can't get enough of catching their favorite iconic creatures. Having sold 10 million copies within the first three days, it's apparent that the franchise is loved regardless of the game's drawbacks. Nintendo had previously claimed they take the feedback provided by players very seriously, so big things are expected from this upcoming update. 

It is worth noting that as of right now, the press release does not give any information on what exactly will be patched in Update Version 1.2.0, but one can hope it will at least cover the majority of issues found thus far. There is no set date for the patch at the time of writing; all we know is that the devs say more details will be released "soon"


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