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Published: November 4, 2022 4:07 PM /


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Update: PokeMiners has released more information about their investigations into the new Pokemon Go update. In it we hear Professor Willow conversing with Jacq, the homeroom teacher character from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They reference the old coin and that there's likely a reason to be wanting to collect more of them, but there is also an interesting line about a Diglett.

I know we were supposed to discuss Diglett, but can I get a rain check? This is something that I want to look into!

While it looked like it was the Coin Pokemon that would be our Pokemon Go surprise ahead of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet it seems that we might also be getting hints about an early opportunity to catch a Paldean variant of Diglett known as Wiglett.

This text also has the professors telling the player that they'd "like to find a few more coins, so why don't we start looking around?" likely referencing previous leaks about needing to collect a number of coins in able to obtain this Pokemon or its evolved state. An additional tidbit from this update references a Pokemon that is able to evolve during a full moon, this is most likely a reference to the new evolution for Ursarang as it becomes Ursaluna first introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Original Text: While Pokemon fans around the world are gearing up for the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet it seems another leaked Pokemon has emerged. This time not from the new games but instead as data added to Pokemon Go

A recent Twitter post by @poke_miners shows a quick 16-second clip of the newest addition to Pokemon, which was initially spotted in a recent trailer but was heavily obscured by the UI elements. This is the first time we are able to fully see the new Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon headed our way.

Screenshot of the Twitter Post from pokeminers showing the new coin pokemon

There were several rumors and leaks from data miners of a new coin Pokemon that had circulated prior, and how it would be tough to catch, but this is the first time a visual of the rumored Pokemon has been found. Within the files of Pokemon GO, the miners were able to uncover a recently added file named "pmMystery", where the only name for the said Pokemon is "pm1080". At this time, the file only contained the 3D asset, not any 2D assets. According to CentroLeaks, the asset data pattern appears to show that this will be Pokemon 978 in the National Pokedex.

As we mentioned previously, it has been said that this Pokemon will be difficult to catch, and will be similar to the experience of catching Spiritomb from Pokemon Legends: Arceus or collecting Zygarde Cells that you'll need to obtain a lot of these little guys to obtain their evolved form. Though at this time, nothing has been confirmed, it is easy to assume that with this file being added there will be a brand new Coin Pokemon headed to Scarlet and Violet, and fans seem to be thrilled. 

For those interested in witnessing and possibly catching the elusive new nameless Coin Pokemon, they can get their hands on Pokemon: Scarlet and Violent on the Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2022. 


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