Pokémon GO Rolls Out PokéStop/Gyms Submission System

Published: September 12, 2018 11:15 PM /



Recently, Niantic has revealed a new system allowing players to nominate eligible objects and locations within their title Pokémon GO. Once a player submits the information, the game's community will evaluate them. Highly rated submissions will move onto acceptance as a new PokéStop or Gym.

Currently in beta, this new system limits trainers to a specific number of nominations each day. However, if these submissions aren't used right away, they accumulate until they are. Those who want to know how many nominations that they have will be able to see them within the settings menu in-game.

In order to submit a PokéStop Nomination, users must first go to the main menu, hit settings, and then tap the 'New PokéStop' button. On the map, players will be able to pin their target location which will represent their nomination. After tapping confirm, the app tasks trainers to take a clear photo of the object/location. Then, they must take another video of the surrounding area. This provides context in order for Niantic to see if the area is safe. Once done, players enter a title and description for their nomination, which the community then reviews.

Locations Niantic would prefer that trainers nominate public parks, public libraries, public places of worship, or transit stations. Essentially, anywhere where people can congregate in public that is notable, well-lit, and not in the middle of nowhere. This page shows a list of locations, places which either are "a location with a cool story, a place in history or educational value... [or] a cool piece of art or unique architecture."

What Niantic considers ineligible nominations for Pokemon GO PokéStop/Gym submissions include places without safe pedestrian access, so no private residences, locations that interfere important public services like fire and police stations, schools, natural locations such as mountain or waterfalls, (but man-made plaques or other points of interest would be acceptable) nonpermanent objects such as seasonal displays, and adult orientated stores such as liquor or firearm stores.

Are you still playing Pokémon GO? Will you submit a nomination? Let us know in the comments!

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