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Pokemon Go Releases Legendary Pokemon Into The Wild For The First Time

April 30, 2019

By: William Worrall


The creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic, have surprised a lot of their fans recently by releasing legendary Pokemon into the wild for the first time in the game's history. Usually, legendary Pokemon are relegated to high-level raid events found around the world at different gyms. Normally these pokemon can only be caught by fighting them in the raid event, leading to each participant in winning teams getting a chance to try and capture a copy of the legendary in question.

Now the 3 legendary lake trio from the series' Sinnoh region - Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie - can be found out in the normal game world without needing to complete a raid at all, albeit appearing pretty rarely. So far one of each of the three Pokemon has been sighted in the 3 different regions of the world. Azelf has shown up in the Americas, Mesprit has been sighted around Europe and Uxie has been seen making its home in Asia. Even though they're available in the wild new these pokemon are known to spawn pretty rarely, comparable to the spawn rate of the pokemon Unown in the world.


The release was announced in a tweet from the Pokemon Go official twitter which showed the three legendary Pokemon and their silhouettes which will show up on the in-game radar.



It was initially believed that the legendary lake trio was going to be revealed or released during Pokemon Go's three huge Go Fest events which will be running over this summer. With the release of the three legendaries early it is now speculated amongst many fans that it will instead be Jirachi the wish-granting legendary.

What do you think about Pokemon Go's wild legendaries? Will you be keeping your eyes peeled for your region's version of the lake trio? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. 

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