Pokemon Go Prep Event Brings Hisuian Electrode And More

Published: February 16, 2022 10:25 AM /


Some of the Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Johto

As a celebration of the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Johto event, the much-loved mobile game is getting a corresponding prep rally. You'll be able to obtain Hisuian Electrode for the first time, and you'll also be able to obtain a Ball Guy costume, so you can know the suffering he feels.

What's coming in the new Pokemon Go prep event?

This news comes in the wake of Pokemon Go getting its very own Pokemon TCG expansion, showing the mobile catch-'em-up is still firing on all cylinders. In the upcoming prep event, you'll get the chance to obtain Hisuian Electrode for the first time in Pokemon Go. You can achieve this by feeding your Hisuian Voltorb 50 Voltorb Candies, so be sure to keep a stock of them if you want your buddy to turn into an Electrode.


A Hisuian Electrode alongside a Ball Guy costume in the new Pokemon Go prep event
Behold the horror that is the Ball Guy avatar costume. Also, Hisuian Electrode is pretty cute.

In addition to Hisuian Electrode, you'll also be able to get an avatar outfit for Pokemon Sword and Shield's rather terrifying-looking Ball Guy. Who knows what horrors lurk beneath the Pokeball mask facade? Whatever they are, they didn't stop Sword and Shield from becoming the first main series games to sell 20 million copies this millennium. We're betting all of that is Ball Guy. In any case, when the new Pokemon Go prep event starts, the Ball Guy outfit will be available from the shop. There's also a new Timed Research period granting Poke Ball rewards, as well as increased encounter rates for Pokemon like Voltorb, Koffing, and Foongus. You can check out everything that's coming as part of the event right here.

When is the Pokemon Go prep event starting?

This event will begin on February 18th (that's Friday!) at 10 am local time. It'll run until February 25th at 8 pm local time, giving you just a little over a week to check out everything the event is bringing. Don't worry, though; if you miss your chance to evolve Hisuian Electrode, you'll still be able to do so after the event ends. Niantic doesn't say whether the Ball Guy costume will still be available after the event, however. Perhaps Ball Guy is off to another planet to inflict his eldritch madness on other sentient races.

The player throwing a Poke Ball at Starly in Pokemon Legends Arceus
This Pokemon Go event is celebrating the recent release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

You can download and play Pokemon Go right now on Android and iOS devices. If you haven't played for a few weeks, rest assured that trading has been restored to the game after a strange event glitch last month, so you'll be able to trade with your friends as normal. If you're still in a Pokemon mood after checking out the new event, be sure to give Pokemon Legends: Arceus a look as well; it's a pretty major departure for the franchise, and it somehow manages to be paradoxically thrilling and relaxing at the same time.


Are you looking forward to this new Pokemon Go prep event? Let us know in the comments below!

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