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Pokemon GO Begins Rock Type Adventure Week May 18th

Published: May 16, 2017 1:45 PM



The next event for mobile AR game Pokemon GO has been announced for this upcoming week. Starting May 18th trainers can participate in the Adventure Week celebration. There will be an abundance of rock type Pokemon as well as discounts on in-game items and a special new hat.

Adventure Week celebrates all the exploring that Pokemon GO trainers have done since the game launched. As of May 11th players have traveled over 15.8 billion kilometers while playing the game, that’s farther than the distance from Earth to Pluto. So to commemorate all those epic journeys, memories made and Pokemon caught, Niantic is throwing this special in-game event.


During Adventure Week players will have access to more items to help prepare for the journeys ahead. More items will be given out at each visited PokeStop and Pokeballs will be available for half-off the normal price in the shop. Buddy Pokemon will also get some perks, finding candies 4 times as fast as usual.

All over the world trainers will find an abundance of rock type Pokemon. If your Pokemon collection is missing rock types like Omanyte, Kabuto or others then this weekend is the perfect chance to get closer to catching them all. You’ll even have a better chance of finding rock/flying/fossil type Pokemon Aerodactyl.


Everyone out adventuring this upcoming week will get a special new hat added to their wardrobe. Don your new Explorer’s Hat and head out to find some rock type Pokemon and stock up on essential adventuring items while getting some exercise. While you’re out and about the Pokemon GO team encourages trainers to post pictures of their adventures to social media tagged with hashtag #PokemonGO. The Adventure Week celebration will begin at 1:00 PM PDT on May 18th and continue until 1:00 PM PDT on May 25th. Happy Adventuring Trainers!

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