Twitch Plays Pokemon Takes Internet By Storm

Twitch Plays Pokemon is a cross-sourcing experiment where livestream viewers try to collectively control a game of Pokemon Red.

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Pokemon Plays Twitch Screenshot showing a small screen from a black and white pokemon game with a live chat display on the right side

If you've not heard already, Twitch Plays Pokemon is a cross-sourcing experiment where viewers of a Twitch live stream of Pokemon Red/Blue can control the character by voting in the chat.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Takes Internet By Storm

Pokemon Red Blue Screenshot showing a Pokemon trainer facing off against a porygon which is a small blocky duck-like creature

For those fans of the classic Pokemon Red/Blue, many will find it of some interest to go over and play the timeless Pokemon game on Twitch, where thousands of people are controlling the same main character at once. Just sign in, type in a command in the chat log, and you'll be involved in trying to complete Pokemon Red/Blue with thousands of other aspiring Pokemon masters. As of right now, over 71,000 people are watching Pokemon Frenzy, and it has reached over 6 million views overall. If you want to partake in the seamlessly frustrating, yet hilarious Pokemon Co-Op, head over to!


Twitch is Still Playing Pokemon

Update: Well, it's officially over, Twitch has played Pokemon, and Twitch won! You can check out the entire stream over at YouTube if you have just over 2 weeks spare (yes, in real time.) That said, it looks like the experiment might not be over, as the channel has since moved onto playing other Pokemon games. The hug success of the project is probably, partially, thanks to the fact that almost no one expected Twitch actually to finish Pokemon Red, and now everyone wants to see where else they can take this idea. 

It turns out the idea goes pretty far, with more than 50 different Pokemon runs completed by committee. Check out the list below for the complete list of Pokemon titles Twitch has beaten. You can also click on any that have links to see video of the live stream if you missed it. 

List of Twitch Plays Pokemon Runs

  1. Pokemon Red
  2. Pokemon Crystal
  3. Pokemon Emerald
  4. Pokemon FireRed (Randomized)
  5. Pokemon Platinum
  6. Pokemon HeartGold (Randomized) 
  7. Pokemon Black
  8. Pokemon BlazeBlack 2 (Rom Hack)
  9. Pokemon X
  10. Pokemon Omega Ruby
  11. Pokemon Red Anniversary (Custom Rom Hack)
  12. Touhoumon & Moemon (2 Rom Hacks at Once)
  13. Pokemon Alpha Saphire (Randomized) 
  14. Pokemon Colosseum 
  15. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
  16. Pokemon Crystal Anniversary (Custom Rom Hack - Crystal)  
  17. Pokemon Brown (Rom Hack - Red) 
  18. Pokemon Platinum (Randomized) 
  19. Pokemon Prism (Rom Hack - Crystal) 
  20. Pokemon Sun
  21. Pokemon Waning Moon (Rom Hack - Moon)
  22. Pokemon Chatty Yellow (Custom Rom Hack - Yellow)
  23. Pokemon Blazed Glazed (Rom Hack - Emerald) 
  24. Pokemon White 2 (Randomized) 
  25. Pokemon Pyrite (Rom Hack - Crystal) 
  26. Pokemon Theta Emerald EX - (Rom Hack - Emerald)
  27. Pokemon Ultra Sun
  28. Pokemon Red & Blue (2 Games at Once)
  29. Pokemon StormSilver (Rom Hack - SoulSilver)
  30. Pokemon Bronze (Rom Hack - Gold)
  31. Pokemon Y (Randomized)
  32. Pokemon Flora Sky (Rom Hack - Emerald)
  33. Pokemon Fused Crystal (Rom Hack - Crystal)
  34. Pokemon Burning Red (Custom Rom Hack - Red + FireRed)
  35. Pokemon Volt White (Rom Hack - White) 
  36. Pokemon Colluseum (Randomized)
  37. Pokemon XG (Rom Hack - XD: Gale of Darkness)
  38. Pokemon TryHard Emerald (Rom Hack - Emerald)
  39. Pokemon Ultra Moon (Randomized)
  40. Pokemon Sword
  41. Pokemon: The Gauntlet (Custom Rom Hacks - First 6 Gens)
  42. Pokemon Sirius (Rom Hack - Emerald)
  43. Pokemon Rising Ruby (Rom Hack - Ruby)
  44. Pokemon Chatty Crystal (Custom Rom Hack - Crystal)
  45. Pokemon Renegade Platinum (Rom Hack - Platinum) 
  46. Pokemon Red/Green/Blue Race (Custom Rom Hacks - All 3 First Gen Game)
  47. Pokemon Black 2 (Randomized)
  48. Pokemon Gold (Spaceworld '97 Demo)
  49. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
  50. Pokemon Legends: Arceus
  51. Pokemon Chatty Crystal (Randomized Custom Rom Hack)
  52. Pokemon Red & Blue Charity Edition (2 Games at Once)
  53. Pokemon Grand Colluseum (Rom Hack - Colluseum) 
  54. Pokemon: XG Remix (Rom Hack - XD: Gale of Darkness)
  55. Pokemon TryHard Emerald (Randomized - Rom Hack)


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