Pokemon Cross-Sourcing Experiment Attracting Thousands

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Pokemon Cross-Sourcing Experiment Attracting Thousands

February 17, 2014

By: Adam Meilstrup



For those that are fans of the classic Pokemon Red/Blue, then many will find it of some interest to go over and play the timeless Pokemon game on twitch.tv, where thousands of people are controlling the same main character at once. Just sign in, type in a command in the chat log, and you'll be involved in trying to complete Pokemon Red/Blue with thousands of other aspiring Pokemon masters. As of right now, over 71,000 people are watching the Pokemon frenzy, and it has reached over 6 million views overall. If you want to partake in the seamlessly frustrating, yet hilarious Pokemon Co Op, head over to twitch.tv!


Watch and experience the craziness here: http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon


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