PlayWay Announces Dark Fantasy Soulslike Project Lilith For PC

Published: April 5, 2021 10:00 AM /


A character battling an enemy in new PC Soulslike Project Lilith

Have you had your fill of Soulslikes this year? Fancy taking on another one? Simulator royalty PlayWay has just announced Project Lilith, a dark fantasy Soulslike coming to Steam at some point in the future. You can wishlist it right now.

What is Project Lilith?

According to Project Lilith's Steam page, the game will send you on a journey to find the titular Lilith, who cursed you and left you for dead. You'll have to hack your way through scores of ill-meaning monsters to discover why you were betrayed and how you can take your revenge. As you might imagine, this will involve traversing plenty of classic dark fantasy locales, from crumbling catacombs to grandiose castles and forbidding caves. Take a look at the announcement trailer if you want to whet your action RPG appetite.


Being a Soulslike, Project Lilith is all about brutal third-person combat, stamina management, and careful exploration of your environment. You'll be able to mix and match weapon styles to create a personal setup, and in a rather intriguing twist on the formula, you'll have access to different combos and attacks, too. Of course, there will be plenty of treasure to find, equipment to craft, and magic spells to learn, as well. Project Lilith is shaping up to be a must-play if you're a fan of this genre.

We'll likely learn more about Project Lilith in the coming weeks and months. At the moment, the game has only been announced for Steam, so we don't know if it's coming to consoles yet. Watch this space for more info on this promising project. In the meantime, you can head over to Project Lilith's Steam page and wishlist it if you like.

Does Project Lilith look like your kind of Soulslike? Can you suggest another name for this genre? Let us know in the comments below!


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