Releases App to Capture Twitch Moments

Published: January 28, 2016 10:00 AM /


Raptr_Playstv_News_01 is the recording service by Raptr that came out early last year, offering players a new way to share their favorite gameplay moments in as few clicks as possible. The service has expanded quite a bit over the year, implementing features to share multiple highlights and specialized support for specific competitive games, and they aren't through yet. announced that they will be releasing a new app for Google Chrome that will allow users to now grab their favorite moments from Twitch streams. The new app follows the same concept as their typical service - you're watching a stream and catch an amazing play and absolutely must capture it for posterity. If you have the app, it's as simple as hitting a button and capturing that moment, then sharing it to for all to enjoy. Alternatively, users will also be able to type '!play' into Twitch chat. chrome app 2
How the app appears while viewing a stream.

Streamers don't worry though - promises that all credit for that content will go to the original streamer. Clips taken from major streams will show up on that streamers account, along with their personal uploads. This not only protects the content of streamers, but also offers a way to engage with their audience and encourage them to actively watch their streams. also expects this to be used heavily in streams for tournaments, allowing fans to submit their favorite plays which companies like ESL have already said they would consider. chrome app
Editing a stream clip.

The app will be able to 30-second clips, which can also be edited and trimmed. The clip can then by posted to and from there shared on social media. Raptr CEO Dennis Fong told TechRaptor that you can expect the service to likely be expanded to other streaming services like YouTube Gaming eventually, and that users will be able to grab moments from any stream, even if the streamer doesn't already use In addition (and probably as expected), will also be implementing a feature to allow users to link their and Twitch accounts. accounts which are connected to Twitch will automatically follow subscribed streamers who also have a linked account. 

The app is available on Google Chrome starting today, January 28, 2016. If you haven't already, you can make a account here, and when you're done getting the app you can test it out on one of our TechRaptor streams. 


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