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Published: April 2, 2020 10:53 AM /


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PlayStation has revealed via this tweet that they'll be revealing five independent titles coming to the PS4 this year. The first game that is revealed is Boundary, an outer-space FPS. The second is Going Under, a far-future office roguelike. 

The first announced game, Boundary, is a simulative, low-orbit environment shooter featuring zero-gravity combat. Armed Astronauts (AO), or Astroperators, will produce many challenges for players such as knowing how to use space to their advantage. Specialists can also be customized as multi-role combatants as well, such as a Assaulter or Sniper Specialist. Assaulters can strengthen their senses to operate more efficiently, while Snipers can use an auxiliary arm in order to steady their shots. Each AO has an active and passive ability as well as different armor and health capabilities to give them unique roles.

The game is feature-complete, with the dev team testing network connection and adding content such as maps and weapons. 

Boundary will release later this year for PS4 and PC.

The second announced game, Going Under, is a roguelite-inspired dungeon crawler that has players exploring the ruins of failed tech startups. Office junk will be wielded as weapons as players battle their way through office complexes as Jackie a fresh-faced college graduate that is beginning her unpaid internship. Her duties include fighting off monsters in the basement before they can disrupt workforce productivity on the surface.

Going Under will release on the PS4 this September.

The third announced game is John Wick Hex, which was originally released last October on PC. If you're wondering what it's about... it's a John Wick game where you kill a whole bunch of people. Shocking, I know. Basically, players will be able to fight like John Wick, but you're on the clock. Actions take time to peform, so you need to time your performance around that of how your enemies act and behave, just like how the Baba Yaga does. Ian McShane and Lance Reddick reprise their roles from the movies, so that's also cool.

John Wick Hex releases on PS4 on May 5, 2020.

The fourth announced game is Biped, a co-op action adventure game "with a strong focus on moment-to-moment collaboration between two players." Biped takes place on planet Earth in a different dimension and time, where humans don't exist and bipeds have built planetary facilities in the wild. At the beginning of the game, the light beacons are shut off, and it is up to the little robots to come down and restore them. There are three parts to the game: co-op missions, solo missions, and extra hard pro missions. Co-op missions are balanced to two players, while the pro missions will take all that the player has learned and put players to the test.

Biped releases April 8 on the PS4.

The fifth and final game announced is Windbound, a survival and debut title from 5 Lives Studios. Windbound takes place on a forgotten archipelago that was once home to an ancient civilization. The game begins after the protagonist, Kara, is separated from her fleet after a mysterious storm. Upon awakening afterwards, she has to survive on a mysterious island, with the main goal as returning to her tribe. Players will uncover the secrets of an ancient people, their relationship with the sea and mysterious sea creatures. Players will also be able to craft items to make their journey easier, as well as create seafaring vessels.

Windbound will release on the PS4 August 28, 2020. 


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