PlayStation Plus January 2023 Releases Reveal Fallout 76 And More

Published: December 28, 2022 1:01 PM /


PlayStation Plus January 2023 lineup image.

The PlayStation Plus January 2023 lineup has been revealed, and with it, we see three new games headed to the members that prove to be a good start for the new year.

The first game coming to PlayStation Plus members is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, where we follow Cal Kestis. You are now a lone Jedi Padawan and the last remaining hope for the Jedi to survive what is to come from the Empire. You will need to complete some training, but once you are fully trained and ready to go, you will master the ways of the force to conquer anyone who poses a threat to your people. Plus, you get to use a lightsaber constantly, so that in itself is a bonus. 

Axiom Verge 2 Screenshot via Steam, PlayStation Plus January 2023

Fallout 76, which was released back in 2018, is also coming to PlayStation Plus. It has been a whopping 25 years since the bomb that destroyed the world as we knew it came crashing down to the earth below. You and the other Vault-Dwellers must band together in order to now go out into the world, and survive the unforgiving and barren post-nuclear America on Reclamation Day, 2102. This storyline is said to be not only the most dynamic but the largest world ever formed in Fallout's history, so why not try it out if you're already a member? 

Lastly, we have Axiom Verge 2, an explorative platformer where two worlds have seemingly merged into one. Players will take control of ancient technology never before wielded by man in an attempt to survive. With machines to hack into, monsters to destroy, and several treasures to uncover, the world almost seems endless in this game.

All three of these games will be released to PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium members on January 3, 2022. For those with  PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium memberships, there will be another slew of games headed your way in January, but they have yet to be announced as of writing. 

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