PlayStation Meeting 2016 - PlayStation 4 Pro Announced

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At the PlayStation Meeting hosted by Sony today, the company announced its new upgrade, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The long-rumored PlayStation 4 Neo turned into the PlayStation 4 Pro when the company revealed the new console upgrade today. Lead hardware architect Mark Cerny mentioned that the main goal with the new upgrade is "to deliver high-fidelity graphical experiences". There was plenty of discussion about working with HDR and 4k resolutions and what this can bring to the PlayStation brand.


The PlayStation 4 Pro is meant to sit alongside the PS4, to complement it instead of replace it, says SIE president Andrew House. Not only that, but House promised hundreds of hours of 4k HDR gaming content at launch.

Next, Mark Cerny discussed the specs of the PlayStation 4 Pro, mentioning that they had more than doubled the GPU power of the original PlayStation 4. On top of boosting the clock rate of the CPU for the PlayStation 4 Pro, it will also be using AMD's Polaris. They also plan to make it extremely easy to transfer all your content from your PS4 to the Pro console. It will also have a 1TB hard drive.

Multiple games were shown off to display the power of the console. These games include Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man, Ubisoft's For Honor, Eidos' Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Watch_Dogs 2. Cerny also mentioned that Killing Floor 2 will benefit from the PlayStation 4 Pro. Another major comparison was Epic Games' Paragon.


Cerny then mentioned that not all devs will have to support HDR gaming, but showed off the graphical benefits using games like Days Gone, Uncharted 4 and Infamous: First Light. Mark Cerny used a phrase for these patches called "forward compatibility", with a half-dozen first party games and many third-party titles receiving patches in the near future.

Another point was that PlayStation 4 Pro will work with PlayStation VR to increase framerates and effects. This will help make the VR experience even better.

Guerrilla Games, the developers of Horizon: Zero Dawn showed off some clips from their game using the PlayStation 4 Pro tech. Afterward, Sony made it clear that you don't have to buy any special discs; the PlayStation 4 Pro will use regular PS4 game discs.


The final major announcement is that the PlayStation 4 Pro will be releasing on November 10th of this year. It will be $399.


Below are the specs of the upcoming Playstation 4 Pro.

playstation 4 pro

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