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As the main conference showing came to a close for the PlayStation Meeting 2016, the stream took off to get a closer look and some details at Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games. The first party publisher had Herman Hurst sit down with Sony's Ryan Clements to give a little more information and contextualize the new information shown at the PlayStation Meeting of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Talneck, the giraffe-like creature that was showcased in the new video, was explained there that Aloy was hacking it and that the hacking was important to progressing in the game. Doing this unlocks new perks for Aloy, and some new areas on the map, serving a similar function in some ways to stuff like the infamous Ubisoft Towers, only with more interactivity in many ways and powering up Aloy.

Beyond that, we also learned a bit more about combat. The combat is focused on a lot of preparation and utilizing that along with traps to help Aloy fight much larger and stronger opponents. The robots, Herman confirmed, are based on real life animals and the idea there is that people have expectations based on what the animals are already. If it's a deer, because of their general knowledge, people will expect it to be skittish and run, while something looking more like a lion or another animal will inspire a different and more cautious response in players.


Due to the large size and number of robots in the game, stealth will be playing a big part in Horizon Zero Dawn, if players want it to. The stealth lets you avoid having to fight hordes of monsters, but you will have the choice on how you want to approach things based on how you build your Aloy.

Of course, Horizon Zero Dawn will support the PlayStation 4 PRO, and support 4k and HDR.

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