PlayStation Launches Stray Reactions Charity Initiative

The folks at PlayStation want your pet to react to Stray as part of a charity initiative, and they're donating $25,000 to the ASPCA as well.

Published: September 9, 2022 11:06 AM /


The cute orange cat protagonist from Stray with #StrayReactions next to them for the Stray Reactions initiative

Remember when people posted their cats and dogs' reactions to Stray? Well, now PlayStation wants your pets to do that all over again with its new Stray Reactions initiative. All you need to do is post your pet reacting to Stray under the initiative's hashtag and you could be chosen for a new digital photobook.

What is Stray Reactions?

A while back, folks were posting their cats, dogs, and other pets reacting to Stray, which stars a pretty lifelike feline as its protagonist. Some animals were stretching themselves up to the screen to try and figure out how that cat got in there, while others were meowing or barking back at the little kitty to try and communicate. It was, in a word, adorable.

Now, PlayStation wants to revive that movement with its Stray Reactions initiative. Until September 23rd, PlayStation is asking you to send in pictures of your pet reacting to Stray on either Twitter or Instagram. Your post needs to include the hashtag #StrayReactions, and you've got to be a US resident of 18 or older. 

The adorable nameless cat exploring a huge cyberpunk city in Stray
If your pet is especially reactive to Stray, PlayStation wants to hear from you.

After September 23rd, PlayStation will collect all of its favorite "inquisitive kitty videos" (although it doesn't have to be a cat in the video) and assemble them into a digital photobook. It will present this photobook to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in addition to a donation of $25,000. There will also be a sizzle reel available, and you might make it into that as well.

What is Stray?

Stray is an adorable adventure game in which you play as a nameless kitty who's thrown into a massive cyberpunk city. You must navigate the city, exploring its many alleyways and getting to know its robot citizens, all while piecing together what happened to it (and, indeed, what is still happening to it).

It's proven pretty popular with the gaming community, as you might expect for a game that's all about a cat. Mods have already been released for the PC version of Stray, allowing you to play as dogs, pirate cats, and more, as well as cursed abominations like Garfield and CJ from San Andreas (not Garfield from San Andreas, though, that would be absurd). 

A cute cat with a little eyepatch standing in a cyberpunk city in Stray
Stray has plenty of mods already, including this unacceptably cute eyepatch mod.

You can grab Stray right now on PC and PlayStation consoles. To make your journey through its huge, imposing cyberpunk world a little easier on yourself, make sure to check out our Stray guides, which will help you to find the game's many hidden collectibles.

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