PlayStation E3 2017 - Gran Turismo Sport

Published: June 12, 2017 9:43 PM /


Gran Turismo Sport Header

In the Sony PlayStation E3 Press Conference, preshow Polyphony Digital was on and decided to share some information about their long-awaited title Gran Turismo Sport. In it, they showed the team studio and had staff members talking about how the studio was organized and the history of the studio. Polyphony revealed there are 200 people working right now on GT Sport and that each of them is irreplaceable as each of them is on a specific job.

Importantly as well, they showed that they have set the game for up to 20 people to play. To help make sure they maintain that level functionality, they have set up one section of their office with 20 devices set to play Gran Turismo Sport and insure.

Gran Turismo Sport is envisioned as the 'second generation' of Gran Turismo titles, with the first 6 mainline titles representing the first generation. GT Sport is supposed to be as big a deal for the PlayStation 4 as Gran Turismo 1 was for the PlayStation 1. Beyond PlayStation 4, it will also be supporting the PlayStation 4 Pro and will have 4k and 60FPS they revealed and PSVR support.

After going through that, they revealed a new release window for Gran Turismo Sport of Fall 2017 and showcased a new trailer of various cinematics and of cars racing around the track.

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