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Published: June 12, 2017 10:20 PM /


Days Gone I'm Here For You

The video for Days Gone opened in a short cutscene before transitioning to Deacon St. John riding a dirtbike through a muddy trail in the rain. They stopped for a moment as wolves feasting on a corpse appeared in front of them. As our protagonist was pursued by them, he turned in and shot one in a quick-time event, only to be felled moments later by a rope strange across teh bridge. He then had to engage in a brutal hand-to-hand fight with his two ambushers. After felling his foes, he walked back over to his bike and discovered one belonging to someone named Manny.

Deacon St. John then walked down a trail, eventually encountering a bunch of corpses strung up in a tiny canyon. As he made his way through the bodies, the last one snapped to life and attempted to attack him. He proceeded past this obstacle, only to find a group of men on the other side; thankfully, they were unaware of his presence and he was able to ambush one of them. Sneaking up on the camp, he deployed a bear trap behind a bush and flanked around behind some tends to throw a rock. The rock lured one of the camp's inhabitants into the bear trap, and a cacophany of terrifying screams from a horde of humanoid creatures could be heard in the distance. Peering over a cliff, Deacon saw dozens (if not hundreds) of them streaming towards the camp as he carefully made his escape from the danger.

After making his way past the horde, we saw Manny trapped in some kind of makeshift fort. Deacon blew open a small fence to allow the horde to breach the perimeter, and in the ensuing chaos he was able to sneak inside the tiny tree fort to rescue his friend. Nodding at his friend, Manny headbutted the guy holding him hostage, allowing our protagonist a clear shot. The pair had but a moment to relax before an absolutely gigantic mutant bear approached the camp, and that's where the trailer ended.

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