Playstation All Stars Sequel Leaked?

Published: June 8, 2014 7:33 PM /


Playstation All Stars

Sony's foray into the party brawler scene certainly did not meet the expectations they were hoping, especially against the genre giant "Super Smash Bros."  SuperBot, the lead developer behind Playstation All Stars Battle Royal was hit with layoffs following the games release. But it looks like Sony might not be ready to let go. Posted on 4chan's video games board "/v/" today around 3:30pm EST was a .gif file of what looks to be a sequel in the works. "Playstation All Stars: Round 2"

PlayStation AllStars 2

The .gif shows off a fancy new subtitle along with a Final Fantasy trademark Moogle sticking it's head out. Perhaps Moogles (or Moogle? I'm not sure what the plural version of that is) may play an important part in the new installment? Likely not. It may be alluding to Moogles being a playable fighter. But with so many other popular contenders from the Final Fantasy series ( I mean seriously theres Cloud, Cid, Lightning, Zack, Tifa, Squall, Vincent, Auren, and obviously Sephiroth) it seems more likely that this little Moogle and some other choice characters will play some new role in the game such as Smash Bros. assist trophies. Of course, like many other rumors of the past week, we'll simply have to wait for E3 to find some answers.

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