PlayStation 4 Pro Launch Lineup Revealed - 39 Enhanced Titles

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the full launch lineup of PlayStation 4 Pro-optimised titles. 39 new and existing titles make the list, with the number due to increase to 45 by the end of 2016. Furthermore, all first-party titles launched from 2017 onward will be optimised to make use of the Pro's enhanced hardware. The full list of titles at launch is as follows:

Not all games will be upgraded equally, however, some titles will see enhanced resolutions, smoother framerates, or both, and specific enhancements will differ by title. Some games, like The Witness, will be offering varying output options and will adjust performance based on the hardware being used. For example's sake, the patch update for The Witness will allow all PS4 owners with an HDR capable T.V. to experience HDR, while those with PS4 pro will have the option to render in 4K 2x MSAA at 30fps or run the game at 60fps with 1440p 2x MSAA rendering of the game world, upscaled to 4k with text and UI rendered at 4k.

The list above was published on Sony's official US blog and it notably does not include Battlefield 1. It is currently unclear if this is merely an error, or whether regional differences exist, as the recent EA title does appear on the European list. Links are included above to TechRaptor's reviews and previews for the base games listed, where available.

Ratchet and Clank developer Insomniac Games have already revealed through the blog that their game will offer enhanced visuals and 4K support on the PS4 Pro via a patch, which this list now confirms will be available at the PS4 Pro's launch. More developers are set to release details on what enhancements players can expect through the Sony blog in the run up to the release. Titles releasing in 2017 like Nioh, For Honour, and Horizon: Zero Dawn will have enhanced features for PS4 Pro built into the base games. 

Quick Take

Personally speaking, nothing listed here makes me want to rush out and grab a PS4 Pro, but then, I've never had much interest in pursuing bleeding-edge graphics. Framerate improvements and the fabled loading time improvements do tempt me, as does enhanced support for PS VR, but right now I'm happy to wait for a price drop. Giving up my original PS4 at this stage would feel like abandoning a child anyway.

Are you picking up a PS4 Pro at launch? Do any of these titles make it a must buy for you? What games that haven't been announced would you like to see support for? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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