Players are Making Magic with Miitopia Masks

Published: April 30, 2021 9:00 AM /


A character that's supposed to be a $20 V-Bucks card in Miitopia.

The Switch port of Miitopia, Nintendo's humorous 2016 RPG which made use of Miis to take the roles of various characters, may not officially be out yet, but players are toying around with the demo's customization options. In just a few days, players are using the new customization options to create a variety of strange and familiar characters.

One of the biggest features in the Switch port of Miitopia is a variety of new character customization options, including makeup and masks. Unsurprisingly, when you give these sorts of options to players, their creativity will go wild with making characters both beloved and odd. In the article's main picture, you can see a strange hero who wears a $20 V-Bucks gift card for a fact, created by @The_Lucbomber (Access code: 42LWF4H.) But there are plenty of others that can be found if you search for them. Here are some of our other favorites.


Self-taught artist @Nakios_ managed to bring classical art to life with the "Mona Miisa" (Access code: 7WWC41H.)

New York artist @mitsamemario made an entire selection of Miis, which includes classic Nintendo characters, a few folks from Homestar Runner, and a sus-looking fellow.

With the new customization tools, players aren't limited to human-looking characters anymore! @Jake_The_Silent is giving players the chance to play as Haida the hyena office worker from the animated series Aggretsuko (Access code: 1Y5WGWB.)


Looking for more memes? @SuspendedSpirit wants you to have This (Access code: 31D1WHH.)

Moonsprout Games, the developers behind the Paper Mario-esque RPG Bug Fables, also joined in the fun by bringing Team Snakemouth into Miitopia!

What are some of your favorite Miitopia creations? Let us know in the comments below!


The Switch port of Miitopia will be available May 21st.



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