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Published: January 8, 2015 2:30 PM /


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The software library at has just added even more games to their ever-growing game library. Everyone is now able to play over 2,300 MS DOS games for free in their internet browser. While DOS certainly had its misses as any platform, the archive features numerous classic titles that are worth it for any gaming aficionado.

Here are just a few excellent games to check out:

The Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

There are very few people in my generation that didn't play this in school way back in the early 90's. The idea of the game is to take your pioneering family across America to their new settlement. While the game play is entirely text-driven, this game is anything but easy. Fire this one up and feel the same pain we felt all those years ago.

Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty

dune ii

This Real-Time-Strategy game by Westwood is a little clunky compared to new additions to the genre but remains a classic. This is the game that really created the formula that RTS games continue to follow to this day.

The Lost Vikings

lost vikings

Anyone who saw the Heroes of the Storm announcements in 2014 know that this game is made by what is now Blizzard Activision. Take control of three silly vikings and make your way through puzzles and platforms.

Scorched Earth

scorched earth

It's uncertain if this game was influential but it does have very similar gameplay to Worms; if a bit simpler. Randomly generate terrain and then take aim at your friends. My classmates and I played this one incessantly; it's a simple game to play but a very difficult one to master.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

carmen sandiego

The game in which Carmen has been stealing precious cultural landmarks and you need to stop her; follow her trail by the clues you are given and trap her! This game was absurdly difficult in the days before Wikipedia and is still fairly challenging now. How they ever expected kids to get anywhere in this game is beyond my comprehension.

 Maniac Mansion

maniac mansion

Maniac Mansion was LucasFilm's very first foray into video games and is a point and click adventure. While the graphics are a lot more dated than something like Day of the Tentacle; the writing is still peppy and the game system is not terribly painful. Give this one a whirl if you want to check out a mad scientist's mansion with some goofy teenagers.

There are so many more to check out and play, so head on over to the archive and have some fun!

Raptors, what MS DOS games are your favourites? Any fond memories?


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