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Published: April 15, 2016 9:22 PM /


Goldeneye Doom feature

ModDB user demo the doomer has reimagined the Dam level of Goldeneye 007 in the Doom engine with a mod-in-progress. It's similar to the Doom 2 Goldeneye mod but this mod uses GZDoom as a base which allows doomer to implement newer features like 3d floors, dynamic lights and "advanced weapons." The current demo contains 75% of the finished dam level and 4 weapons. The mod doesn't seek to create a perfect replica of the '97 classic first-person shooter but to take the designs of Goldeneye 007 and import it to the speedier GZDoom engine.

Some planned features for the future include comic book style cutscenes, redesigned and reworked levels, more one liners, and "much much more cool stuff." There are some other changes being made to the game including moving the setting to a nighttime level, chaning guard tower positions, buildings that utilize 3d flooring have been added and exploding chairs, of course. Perfect.

To play the mod download the latest version of GZDoom and extract it to a new directory. Create a folder for IWAD in the directory. Then download the demo here and extract the pak3 file to the IWAD folder. So check it out or keep an eye on future releases if you'd like to play Goldeneye 007 without a terrible controller and have double nostalgia. 

Quick Take

The mod comes a couple days before the open beta for Doom which unfortunately will not feature mod support outside of the SnapMap tools that will be included with the release. Hopefully the new team at id realizes how much of Doom's legacy was built on the backs of creative modders and adds some mod support, or some modders force their way in.

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