PlatinumGames Announces Shiny New In-house PlatinumEngine

Published: March 13, 2020 10:42 AM /


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Today, Platinum Games announced the creation of their new engine, PlatinumEngine, which they have created in order to facilitate "thrilling next-generation action games."

PlatinumGames has always used their own in-house engine, but due to the demands of modern games their old engine has been struggling, and if they did not make their workflow more efficient the company would not be able to keep up with new technology and their own expectations. So, they created a new engine, which will enable them to create "bigger, more expressive games than ever before, and with greater ease."

They looked at other engines, but PlatinumGames found that they lacked critical features that they needed. They could have possibly implemented the needed features, but then they would've been on a uncertain timeframe that could have otherwise been dedicated to making games.

PlatinumGames stresses that while they are building an engine with more advanced graphical capabilities, they are stressing the fact that they are building a game engine first and foremost. They wanted a game engine that was built from the ground up to be easily used. This is so that things like prototyping could be done far more quickly, and that programmers will have the ability to more directly control in-game animations then other game studios, which allows them to better affect game development. 

Development on PlatinumEngine started two years ago, with "six or seven" people currently working on the engine to make it even better. They're currently working on efficiency, such as "reducing the number of button presses needed to convert data", along with other things such as showing current work in a game build right after its implemented.

For more information on PlatinumGames' new PlatinumEngine, be sure to read the fascinating interview here

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