Platinum Games Tencent Partnership Announced

Published: January 7, 2020 1:00 PM /


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NieR: Automata developer Platinum Games has announced a partnership with Tencent Holdings Limited. This Platinum Games Tencent partnership will give the developer of many excellent brawler games an injection of cash that will help them expand their operations which will include a foray into self-publishing.

For those of you who aren't super familiar with the gaming companies of the world, Tencent Holdings Limited is a Chinese company that has been snapping up portions of   Western game companies over the last several years. In addition to controlling 100% of League of Legends developer Riot Games, Tencent also has stakes in Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, and dozens of other developers both big and small.

Now, Tencent has partnered with Platinum Games as the latter company seeks to expand its operations, though it won't be as doom as gloom as you might think.

Platinum Games Tencent partnership

Platinum Games Tencent Partnership Will Have 'No Effect' on Developer Independence

According to a news post on Platinum Games' website, this partnership isn't expected to have much of an effect on their day-to-day operations. Here's the full text of the news post:

Announcement regarding partnership with Tencent

We would like to announce we have received a capital investment from Tencent Holdings Limited as a basis for partnership. This partnership has no effect on the independence of our company, and we will continue operations under our current corporate structure.

We hope to use this capital to strengthen our foundation as a business and expand from game development into exploring self-publishing. We also hope that this partnership can give us a wider global perspective, while still creating high quality games that stay true to our name.

Thank you as always for your continued support. Please look forward to what we have in store.

January 7, 2020
President and CEO
Kenichi Sato

While it's not explicitly stated as such, the fact that Tencent won't be affecting Platinum Games' independence likely means that Tencent purchased a minority stake.

What's particularly interesting is Platinum Games' announcement that they will be exploring self-publishing. Whether this means that they'll be publishing their own games alone or also picking up games created by other developers remains to be seen. For now, we'll probably have to wait for quite some time to see this newly-announced partnership bear fruit.

What do you think of the Platinum Games Tencent partnership? Do you think that Platinum Games will truly be able to retain their independence? Let us know in the comments below!


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