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Published: August 1, 2022 3:01 PM /


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The newest The Planet Crafter Update, Insects and Waterfalls, is finally here. In this open-world survival game's newest content, players are able to explore new areas filled with the latest and greatest biomes, butterflies, and beehives.

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The Planet Crafter is a fantastic terraforming adventure game where the world is your oyster. You will need to learn to survive, thrive, and now, make a beehive! The newest update, sports some pretty creative and fun features, including three brand new biomes; Waterfalls, Meteor Field, and Mushrooms River. Each of these biomes holds secrets for you to discover, and if you have already made significant progress, the update will blend in seamlessly with your previous saved data for you to continue your endeavor on the hostile planet.

If you aren't a fan of bugs, this update will definitely give you the creeps, but in the best way possible. The devs have introduced a whopping 15 new butterflies for players to collect and house in a butterfly dome within their base area. More so, players are now able to make Beehives that will produce honey, and farm silkworms to produce silk. When your goal is to create life on a horrible barren planet, this is a great place to start.

On top of the new biomes and bugs, you will now have access to new objects and collectibles. There are now three types of larvae to collect, which include common, uncommon, and rare. With these larvae comes an incubator for you to find and farm new species. Just place the larvae inside and watch them grow.

Of course, no new update is complete without balancing. Some of the tree seeds have increased oxygen multipliers, and some tree seeds now have to be unlocked in order to be used. The genetic manipulator will now produce tree seeds more quickly to keep you breathing easily within your new home. Along with the new balancing changes, there are five new achievements that have been added for players to obtain, two new golden crates, two new drop levels for end-game loot, recipe changes, and even one new meteo event for players to enjoy!

The developers are constantly creating new content every two to three months for this game, which is a phenomenal feat. All of these new updates are a great way to keep the players engaged and ready for more. To read the full list of Insects and Waterfall updates, check out The Planet Crafter's Steam page.



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