Planet Coaster Summer Update 1.3 Is Now Live

Published: June 28, 2017 10:00 AM /


Planet Coaster Uncle Sam Eagle Fireworks

Summer Update 1.3 is now live for Frontier Developments' theme park simulator Planet Coaster according to a news post on the game's official Steam Community page.

Some new features have made their way into the game. The Display Sequencer is a piece of scenery that allows you to link triggered objects (such as fireworks and animatronics) with certain events or periods of time. As an example, you could have a fireworks show go off at the same time every day (just like many real-world theme parks). The aforementioned Fireworks are exactly what you would expect more or less; unlike many other pieces of scenery, they cost money each time they are fired. However, they increase guest happiness every time they go off. The last major new toy (in terms of scenery, at least), is Video Billboards which will allow you to display images or video files from your PC on the screens in the game. At the moment they do not support audio, but this feature for Video Billboards is currently being worked on.

A short trailer has been released showing off the new features set to an orchestral version of the game's theme:

Three new rides have made their way into the game. The Iron Claw is a pendulum ride that can hold 32 guests and is based on a classic theme park attraction. The Sky Watcher is an observation tower that seats 60 guests - the most of any attraction in the game - and rises up to 138 meters in the air. Finally, the Black Out is an extreme looping inverter ship.

As for coasters, Power Up is a compact coaster that's great for when you have to squeeze something into a tiny section of your park. Viper One is a multi-launch, twisted impulse, LIM shuttle coaster that makes guests feel like they're about to fly off the track. Gnarler is a new, more modern wooden coaster that was put into the game (in part) to celebrate the ability to paint track supports. Finally, De-Gen and Bolt are two new coasters that are similar to existing ones with different cars as a response to community requests for the feature.

An awful lot has been added to the game including three new scenarios, over 60 new pieces of scenery, and a slew of bug fixes and minor changes. For all of the details, take a peek at the patch notes for Summer Update 1.3. If you don't yet own Planet Coaster, you can get it for 33% off its base price as part of the 2017 Steam Summer Sale.

What do you think of the features and content added in Summer Update 1.3 for Planet Coaster? Do you feel the pace of content being released for the game has been enough to keep things fresh? What do you hope to see added into the game next? Let us know in the comments below!


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