Plague Inc: Evolved Comes Out of Early Access

Published: February 9, 2016 10:45 AM /



The infectiously dark (but fun!) disease-based strategy game Plague Inc: Evolved is nearly ready for release! The game, made by Ndemic Creations, first made the jump from mobile platforms to the PC back in 2014 and has been in Early Access ever since. Now that the game is nearly feature complete, the developer is preparing to release the finished game to the world, boasting a sizable amount of updates and changes from the mobile versions of the game. 

Plague Inc Evolved Roadmap

During their time in the Early Access program, Ndemic Creations have released a ton of new updates (dubbed 'Evolutions' by the developers) and features to the game. The update that will bring the game's version up to version 1.0 adds in the much-anticipated co-operative multiplayer mode, which enables players to infect and kill every living thing on the planet together, with each player taking on the role of a different disease. This update will also include multiplayer AI, advanced statistics tracking to see what your disease is doing to all it infects, and a 'Double Strain' feature. If nothing else, they have used their time in Early Access productively, and have hit all the goals they've set for themselves.    

These new changes will get added to what is already a pretty impressive list of features. In addition to the game's updated graphics, players were already able to take on other players' strains in a competitive multiplayer mode, make and share their own scenarios and worlds, a system that shows how human evolution interacts with your strain and cameras that show the devastation on the ground level. Whether Madagascar can actually be infected without sacrificing your firstborn to a Dark God of your choice is as of yet unknown. 

Plague Inc: Evolved will see its official release on the 18th of February for Microsoft Windows, OSX and Linux. If you've been eyeing this game for a while now, you can get it for 25% off during the Steam Lunar New Year Sale


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