Pixelshire Is A Cute Farming RPG Coming In 2023

Published: June 7, 2022 10:45 AM /


The player watering crops in Pixelshire

The farming sim cup runneth over lately, it seems, and now there's another game to add to that list. Pixelshire is a cutesy pixelated farming RPG from developer Kappa Bits and publisher Merge Games, and it's coming to Steam Early Access next year.

What is Pixelshire?

Between farming sims like Spirit of the Island and My Time at Sandrock (for which developer Pathea Games has some pretty big plans), you're spoiled for choice right now if you want to play a relaxing, cozy farming sim. Happily, developer Kappa Bits and publisher Merge Games are making sure that you'll have plenty to keep you occupied even into next year with Pixelshire, a newly-announced farming RPG. You'll explore the land of Arcadia, make friends, and tend to crops, plus plenty more you'd expect from a game like this. You can check out the announcement trailer for Pixelshire right here.


What will the gameplay of Pixelshire be like?

As you might expect from a farming RPG, Pixelshire will let you tend to your very own farm. You can grow crops, raise livestock, and engage in activities like woodcutting and mining, even taking them up as trades if you wish. Rather uniquely for this genre, you'll also be able to manage your very own customizable shop a la Moonlighter (which is coming to Netflix Games soon), selling goods that you either produce or find while you're adventuring in Pixelshire's randomly-generated dungeon environments. Of course, there are also NPCs scattered throughout Arcadia to befriend, and you can learn skills from them that will make your farming experience a little less arduous, too.

The player mining in Pixelshire
Pixelshire is a farming RPG, so you know what that means: better get ready to mine some ore.

Pixelshire is arriving on Steam Early Access sometime in 2023. We don't have a more concrete release window for it than that just yet, but if you want to follow the progress of this one, you can wishlist it on Steam right now. There's also a Discord community that you can join if you want to chat with like-minded Pixelshire enjoyers. Here's hoping this one can do something to differentiate itself from the legions of cozy, cutesy farming sims out there at the moment.



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