Pinball Brawler Skeleton Crew Receives New Trailer

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Pinball Brawler Skeleton Crew Receives New Trailer

June 14, 2020

By: Andrew Stretch


During the collection of new indie 2D titles introduced by Kevin Smith Skeleton Crew was announced as coming soon. This game is being developed by Cinder Cone and published by Modern Wolf. Skeleton Crew was first announced last year and while we've seen some gameplay in the past the knowledge that the game will be released shortly is new for us.

You play as one of the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination Team, and yes that spells YEET, where you'll be tasked with launching attacks, enemies, skulls, brains, chickens, and more. Gameplay is a mix of an action platformer with pinball mechanics allowing you to take ranged shots at enemies, it's even possible to launch your allies towards enemies too. You'll be tasked with exploring the gothic realm of Karpathia making your way through ruins, graveyards, and caverns as you kill everything in your way.

The game is playable with up to four of your friends and there will be 11 playable characters. Some of these characters include Cowl the Liberated Lich and Tristessa the Weeping Paladin. It is possible to play this game on your own but with the ability to not only play with up to three friends locally but also through online play it's a game that you should be able to gather some friends for.

While there was no release date announced for Skeleton Crew it will be available Autumn 2020 and can be wishlisted on Steam already. The game will release exclusively for Windows PC via Steam.


What do you think of Skeleton Crew? Are you excited to see pinball elements getting married into a brawler game? Do you think this game would be good to play with your friends?

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