A shrine from the Pilgrim mod for Skyrim.

Pilgrim Mod Overhauls Religion in Skyrim

Published: August 24, 2021 11:57 AM



A newly-released mod for Skyrim allows players to get more in touch with the various deities in the Elder Scrolls series. The Pilgrim mod provides a complete overhaul to the game's religion/shrine system that adds powerful effects to pious players.

The main change brought to Skyrim by the Pilgrim mod is the ability to pray to various shrines added to the game to gain a power called Prayer. By using this, players get a temporary buff dependant on which shrine they prayed at. In addition to the Nine Divines, this mod adds various benevolent deities worshiped by cultures outside of Skyrim, the Tall Papa and The All-Maker, and the more malevolent deities, including the Daedric Princes. Those who pick up the Pilgrim perk in the Restoration tree can get boosts to the benevolent gods' boons, while the Cultist perk in the Conjuration tree makes the malevolent boons more potent.


An Argonian worshipping at a shrine in Skyrim's Pilgrim mod.

In addition to the shrine overhaul, the Pilgrim mod turns one priest in each of the five major cities into a special kind of vendor that sells spell tomes. More importantly, they sell potions and scrolls focused on healing and defense. Of particular note are scrolls of Divine Intervention, a new spell that lets players teleport to the vendor's respective temple. Those skilled in Restoration can cut out the middleman by buying the spell tome and learning each version of Divine Intervention for easy teleportation. Lastly of note is that shrines no longer cure diseases when used, which is why the priest vendors tend to be well-stocked with potions of Cure Disease, so be sure to stock up!


You can find the Pilgrim mod here on Nexus Mods. While picking up mods, you might also want to grab the Vanilla Script (micro)Optimizations mod, which fixes up the game's coding scripts to increase efficiency and make it run better.

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