Pikachu & Psyduck Star in Super-Cute Pokemon Animated Short with Pokemon Quest Visuals

Published: April 9, 2023 12:45 PM /


Pokemon Pikachu

Today The Pokemon Company released a brand-new animated short that fans of the Pokemon franchise will likely enjoy.

The video, titled "The Square Pokemon of Marjanai Island" stars Pikachu and a band of Psyducks on what appears to be a desert island named Marjanai This is just the first episode, titled "An Unusual Encounter" and more have been provided.


Interestingly, the video features the super-cute Minecraft-like art style of the free-to-play game for Switch, iOS, and Android Pokemon Quest, which launched all the way back in 2018. The connection with the game also extends to a link to its official site in the video description, albeit Pokemon Quest is set on another island, Tumblecube Island (or Kakukori Island in Japanese).

While the video was released only for Japan, there's no real dialogue involved, so you can enjoy it regardless of your native language. 

you can watch it below.

If you're interested in more games belonging to the popular franchise, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is currently available exclusively for Nintendo Switch and just got a substantial update fixing many of its issues, while a DLC has been announcedPokemon Sleep is also coming this summer and Pokemon Stadium is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service later this month. 

Lately, we also saw the reveal of a new Pokemon Jet in Japan, operated by ANA. 



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