Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒ Announced by Square Enix

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒ Announced by Square Enix

June 10, 2017

By: Robert Grosso


Another Final Fantasy title is coming to the 3DS in Japan, this time a puzzle RPG game titled Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒.

Yes, that is the actual title. The "≒ " symbol means "approximately equal" according to dualshockers.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy is a puzzle RPG, combining Final Fantasy battles and puzzle mechanics into one complete package. A trailer showing the game was also released in Japan, during the 30th anniversary event for the Final Fantasy series in Yokohama. The entire three hour event was also recorded, and can be found here.



Pictlogica Final Fantasy is based on a mobile game of the same name, a free-to-play title that is already available to play in Japan.  The 3DS version here will feature several changes to the game, including 300 completely revamped puzzles. Players will be able to fight classic Final Fantasy enemies in quest battles while recruiting 160 different characters across the entire Final Fantasy series, all of this accompanied by nostalgic pixel art.

The entire event in Yokohama had several major announcements to it, such as Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, a remaster of Final Fantasy XII with updated graphics and revamped gameplay mechanics. Another major announcement involved Final Fantasy XV, with the next DLC Episode Prompto planned for the end of June, and some new free content titled the "Regalia Type-D."

Pictlogica Final Fantasy will be released in Japan on the Nintendo eShop next month in July, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. At this time, there is no word on a release for the west.

So what are your thoughts on Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒? Hoping the game comes out to the West? Wish it had a title that was easy to say and had no weird symbols in it? Leave your comments below and please check out our continuing E3 coverage at our E3 coverage hub.

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